19 June 2008

Foucault in the "Top 10 philosophers' deaths"

Simon Critchley gives us what we need at this particular historical moment in time, another top 10 list: "Top 10 philosophers' deaths".

Critchley places Michel Foucault at number 10:
10. Michel Foucault (1926-1984)
Foucault was first hospitalized in June 1984 with the symptoms of a nasty and persistent flu, fatigue, terrible coughing and migraine. "It's like being in a fog," he said. But he carried on working until the end on the second and third volumes of The History of Sexuality, which appeared shortly before his death. Although he was a very early victim of the virus, it seems that Foucault knew that he had Aids. Foucault was fond of reading Seneca towards the end and died on 25 June like a classical philosopher.

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